Bol d’air


CD « digipack » 4 pages
Franck Wolf : Saxophones
Marcel Loeffler : Accordeon
Davide Petrocca : Double bass
Recorded : January 2012 live in Uhrwiller

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Product Description

Franck Wolf Trio “Bol d’air” – CD “digipack” 4 pages

BOL D’AIR, Franck Wolf trio with Marcel Loeffler and Davide Petrocca created in late 2011, was born of an irresistible desire of three musicians: “being in a musical project melodic, acoustic, a playground where happiness to music together at a very high level is obvious. “The trio performs largely compositions and Marcel Franck and some arrangements (JS-Bach, A.Piazzolla, C.Chaplin ) specially written by and for them.

Franck Wolf Trio

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