Un jour ailleurs


Triophone « Un jour ailleurs »
CD « digipack » 6 pages
Saxophones : Franck Wolf
Bass : Pilou Wurtz
Drums : Didier Hoffmann
Recorded : february 2005 @ WM Music Studio

Product Description

Triophone Un jour ailleurs – CD « digipack » 6 pages

One day Triophone elsewhere Surrounded by two longtime friends , Pilou Wurtz on electric bass and Didier Hoffmann on drums , Frank trained with them in this group 1996 with the aim of creating a directory compositions common or personal . The multiple influences of the three musicians give this album a variety of colors, ranging from Jazz to the US European music through the African continent. Unlike most traditional jazz trios where the formula soloist and two Accompanying is customary , Triophone is defined by his writing as a single instrument where the three voices in one place. Triophone , Didier Hoffmann ( Drums) , Pilou Wurtz ( Bass) and Franck Wolf ( Saxophones) , is a band founded de in 1996. They are playing original compositions and Some special arrangements, Wroten for the band . Melodic jazz and great grooves, to enjoy without moderation!



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